Quality, Environmental and Safety Management

The Roxeler materials testing centre provides assistance and support in the implementation of quality, environmental and occupational safety management systems. Our expertise and targeted working methods ensure fast certification.

Consultation on the implementation and maintenance of management systems

  • Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Quality Management System in accordance with QS 9000 / VDA 6 ... / ISO TS 16949

  • Quality Management System in accordance with IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)

  • Environmental management system in accordance with TEC 1836 / 93 / DIN EN ISO 14001

  • Safety, health and environmental protection in accordance with. SCC / SCP-question list

  • Laboratory accreditation in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025

  • Health and safety management systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001, AMS CONSTRUCTION (construction BG), BS 8800

  • System of factory-production control (FPC) in accordance with DIN EN 12620, DIN EN 1045-2 / EN 206-1,
DIN EN 1338, -1339, -1340, DIN EN 13383, DIN EN 13108-21

Roxeler materials testing centre